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PT. Surabaya Polyurethane Industry

" Spesialis Polyurethane Elastomer "

Industrial & Application

Spesialis Polyurethane Elastomer

Industrial Application
Automotive Row 1 col Gromments, Brearing, Bushes Flexible Couplings2 content
Building And Constructions Mould Concrete, Gate Seal, Concrete Pump Parts
Electrical Conveyor Belts, Fuel Storange Tanks, Power Transmission Belts
Engineered Companents Gears, Sprockets, Wire Guides, Rail Draft Gear, Stripper Plates, Press Break Pads, Textile Yarn Guides, Cutting Boards, Business Machine Belts, Couplings,
Food Chute Lining, Grain Buckets
Mining Bucket, Liners Conveyor Rollers, Scraper Blades, Floatation Cell Impellers, Pump Linings, Grading Screens, Lined Pipes, Cross-Over Pads,
Oil, Chemical And Marine Bushing, Bearings, Hydrocyclones, Buoys, Pipeline Plgs And Scrapers, Fenders, Valve Seats
Rollers Board Rollers, Nip Rollers, Metal Forming, Printing, Conveyor, Can Coating, Paper Mill
Seal And Gaskets Pneumatic And Oil Seals, Diaphragms
Shoe Industry Shoe Soles, Bottom Moulding Diaphragms, Wears Plates, Energy Absorbing Insoles
Wheel And Tyres Fork-Lift Tyres, Heavy Duty Caster Wheels, Escalator Wheels, Roller Skate Wheels, Roller Blade Wheels
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